ProVoise is a telephone based Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). ProVoise integrates with Prodigy. It provides information relating to students and general information over the telephone. This system runs unattended without requiring an operator.

Features and Benefits:-

 24 x 7 Service
 Information on attendance, fee dues, marks, general information
 Record your own General Information
  Multilingual support
 Automated response
 Low cost service
 Summary reports

ProVoise Features:-

 Automatic response without requiring an operator
 24 x 7 Service
 Student related information.
 General information
 Record in your own voice.
 Change option as per requirements

System Requirements
  Pentium Based PC
  64 MB RAM
  WIN 9x
  Voice Modem

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ProVoise is a telephone based Interactive voice response system(IVRS)...
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